Muscle relaxer soma 4211

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I have been on so many meds over 30 years time for fibromyalgia including heavy pain ers that did not come close to doing what robaxin has done. I have muscle spasms in my face and neck from 5 surgeries because of cancer.

V Pill - methocarbamol 500 mg

If it wasn't for this med I would have a very hard time eating and talking. I take 750 mg 4 times a day I have L5/S1disc herbiations and debilitating nerve pain in my legs and feet.

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Is v 4211 a soma - sxp.

Question: When Are Muscle Relaxers Prescribed for Arthritis Patients?

Is v 4211 a soma - 7jzhs.

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Muscle relaxer soma 4211:

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